03 septembre 2014

[Interview w/] Gia Koka

L'heure du post-r'n'b a sonné. Un engouement général pour cette génération qui a grandi avec les Destiny's Child et qui souhaite aujourd'hui prendre la relève dans un contexte plus glam et moins hip-hop.
Cette nouvelle vague de jeunes ghetto-chics à voix portée par des Banks, Ryn Weaver, Jessie Ware, George Maple et autres Sinead Harnett est aujourd'hui rejoint par Gia Koka

Gia puise son inspiration entre les beats saccadés, le minimalisme de Jai Paul et la tendance chillwave qui a envahi nos playlists depuis plus de deux ans. 
Nous avons eu l'extrême honneur d'échanger quelques mots en anglais avec cette jeune polonaise d'origine qui vit désormais aux Pays Bas. Elle nous explique son parcours, ses inspirations, ses débuts dans la musique et surtout le phénomène qu'est en train de devenir sa track 'FCUKU'. Bonne écoute, bonne lecture.

ALIAT : First of all, talk a bit about you, where are you from, is this your first music project ? How old are you ? How tall are you ? We want to know everything.

Gia Koka : I was born in Poland, and moved to the Netherlands with my mom at a young age.
When I first got signed as a pop artist, I moved to London.
That never worked out, because I wasn't doing what I'm supposed to be doing as an artist.
I was too young, too unexperienced and didn't have the right people around me.
So I decided to start over, and moved to LA. Everything was going great over there, wrote some songs for other artists..
But then my little brother died suddenly, so I left LA to be close to my family in Europe.
Right now I'm working on the new EP, and wanted to see how people would react to one of the songs. So I uploaded FCUKU on soundcloud. It's been 3 days now, and I have no idea what is happening. I'm getting e-mails every 5 seconds.

A : Why did you start music ?

GK : I don't know. Ever since I can remember.
There is nothing else in the world that makes me feel as fucking good as music does.
When I hear something that moves me, I honestly can't sleep. Just want to hear it again and again. It's such a drug.

A : What are your inspirations ?

GK : I get inspired by a lot of things. Artists, movies, lovers, anger..
The artists I adore right now (for different reasons) are people like Aaliyah, Jai Paul, Stromae, Slow Magic, Nai Palm, Bjork, Lauryn Hill, Drake, Robyn, SOHN..
I love my 90's r'n'b. Brandy, Destiny's Child, TLC, Mariah Carey..
R'n'b is my nr. 1 love.
It's so honest, and mainly all about the flow.
I like it when I hear a song, and it sounds like the girl is just talking to her boyfriend, like they would in the privacy of their own bedroom.
Not thinking about how to say something in the most poetic way. But just saying it like it is.

A : Your favorite band ?

GK : The only bands I listen to really, are Kate Boy and Hiatus Kaiyote. When I discovered Kate Boy, I didn't listen to anything else for 2 months. Not kidding.

A : Your favorite song ?

That changes a lot.
But right now if I had to choose one I think it would be ''Zion Wolf'' by Jai Paul.

A : Can you give us 5 tracks who made your summer ?

GK :

A : What are your projects ? Maybe an EP ?

GK : Yes, I'm working on my first EP right now.

A : Can you explain the lyrics of your last track FCUKU and the signification of this title ?

GK : I'll just say this : it's not about what you think it's about ;)
But it could be whatever you WANT it to be about.

A : Who are the artists you collaborated with on this ?

GK : The rapping part is by January Elh. A very cool new artist I found on the internet.
Never seen him in real life though. I sent him the song, he recorded his part and e-mailed it back to me.
The other sampled bits are by awesome friends and artists: Steffen Morrison, Dichter & Black Rockstar.
The guitars are by a very talented musician Remi Lauw and the bass by the awesome Jens Dreijer.

Retrouvez toute l'actu de Gia sur sa page facebook et suivez la sur soundcloud pour checker ses prochaines tracks !