15 mars 2015


On ne va pas vous le cacher, quand on est fan d'un groupe de manière assez intense, on aime bien creuser un peu plus, quitte à en rajouter une couche, pour bien le faire savoir. C'est donc avec joie que nous avons reçu une selection unique de 10 sons préparée par les très talentueux australiens de PARCELS, dont nous vous parlions il y a peu, à l'occasion de la sortie de leur premier six titres Clockscared EP, à acheter, télécharger, écouter, réécouter... Une sélection éclectique résumant les tracks qu'ils écoutaient pendant la période de composition des leurs. Au final du bon et du très bon.

Steely Dan - FM
These guys are probably our biggest influence with their smooth pop embracing all sorts of cheese. This particular track is funky as hell and the sax is silky smooth.

Baro - This Is My Introduction
The first track of Baro's 'HOWGOODISGOOD?' mixtape. The melbourne rapper is probably the dopest dude around and he's only like 18. The production is unbelievably crisp too.

VULFPECK - It Gets Funkier II
It doesn't.

George Benson - Give Me The Night
Another master of the cheese. With that silky vocal tone and the funky disco bass alongside the slinky layered guitars this track achieves the sultry tone of your dreams.

Joey Bada$$ - Hilary Swank
The wordplay, flow and general vibe here is off the chain. Lee Bannon absolutely kills it with some nice jazzy production too.

Gorillaz - Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
You never want to wake up from this dream of a track. Its psychedelic, jangly and the slow burning build up leads to a beautiful groove topped of with Little Dragon's sexy vocals.

Chic - Good Times
Funky shit, Nile's guitar and that damn catchy bass line make this track. This song may or may not have snuck its way into our live set too...

A Tribe Called Quest - Keeping It Moving
Q takes the lead on this track but the classic tribe vibe remains.

Rhye - Open
We thought the lead singer of Rhye was a woman until the other day, he's not. Just a man with the creamy falsetto of our dreams, a sultry track for late in the evening.

Sex on Toast - Hold My Love
Believe it or not these guys aren't from the 80's. Another Melbourne band who've got us obsessed. This soulful track takes tasty cheese to another level, they put on a scorching live show too.